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Apemin Tuşnad

tusnadNortech Service is a professional team with the best prices with a wide variety of products and services, always respecting the delivery and contractual conditions with their characteristic immediate promptly. The company provides not only a product but also excellent technical advice and guidance.

S.C. Apemin Tusnad S.A.

Tusnad Nou, str. Garii nr.599
Harghita, Romania


+4 (0)266 334 091
+4 (0)266 334 247


+4 (0)721 231 074


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Adress: Str. Rákóczi Ferenc, nr. 58/A 535600, Odorheiu Secuiesc
Jud. Harghita, România

Tel/Fax: 0266 217 666

E-mail: office@nortech-service.ro